Collaboration between NSF quantum centers finds path to fault tolerance in neutral atom qubits

Like the classical computers we use every day, quantum computers can make mistakes when manipulating and storing the quantum bits (qubits) used to perform quantum algorithms. Theoretically, a quantum error correction protocol can correct these …

Read the full article at:

Aedan, Ishita, Matt, Sam, and Sissi’s paper on super-resolution microscopy using Airy disks published in ACS Photonics!

Congratulations to Aedan, Ishita, Matt, Sam, and Sissi, whose paper “Super-resolution Airy disk microscopy of individual color centers in diamond” has now been published online in ACS Photonics: The paper will also be featured on the cover of a future issue of the journal!


Shimon promoted to associate professor

Today Shimon’s job title changed from assistant professor to associate professor (which means he is now officially tenured.)

Setting records for precision: Xin and Jack’s paper published in Nature and highlighted in the press

Congratulations to Xin and Jack, as well as Kolkowitz group alums Brett, Haoran, and Varun, on the publication of their paper “Differential clock comparisons with a multiplexed optical lattice clock” in Nature! You can read the entire published paper at this link (with no paywall or special access required):

To learn more about what we did in the paper, you can read our original post about it here:…ted-to-the-arxiv/.

Our results, as well as the results reported in a complementary (and very exciting) paper from our friends in the Ye group at JILA that was published back to back with our own, are also generating a bit of buzz! Here are a couple of choice links:

A Nature News and Views about both papers by Dr. Ksenia Khabarova.

The UW-Madison press release about our paper.

And the Ye group paper was even featured on the cover of this issue of Nature(!):

Volume 602 Issue 7897