Kolkowitz group publications and pre-prints:

  • J. Van Damme, X. Zheng, M. Saffman, M.G. Vavilov, S. Kolkowitz, “Impacts of random filling on spin squeezing via Rydberg dressing in optical clocks,” under review at PRX Quantum, pre-print at
  • M.C. Cambria, A. Gardill, Y. Li, A. Norambuena, J.R. Maze, S. Kolkowitz, “State-dependent phonon-limited spin relaxation of nitrogen-vacancy centers,” under review at Physical Review Letters, pre-print at
  • R.A. Wambold, Z. Yu, Y. Xiao, B. Bachman, G. Jaffe, S. Kolkowitz, J.T. Choy, M. Eriksson, R.J. Hamers, and M.A. Kats, “Adjoint-optimized nanoscale light extractor for nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond,” accepted for publication in Nanophotonics, pre-print at
  • A. Gardill, M.C. Cambria, and S. Kolkowitz, “Fast relaxation on qutrit transitions of nitrogen-vacancy Centers in nanodiamonds,” Physical Review Applied 13, 034010 (2020).
  • M.A. Sedda, et al., “The Missing Link in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Discoveries waiting in the decihertz range,” Classical & Quantum Gravity 37, 21 (2020).
  • E. Barausse, et al. (LISA Consortium), “Prospects for Fundamental Physics with LISA,” General Relativity and Gravitation, 52, 81 (2020).
  • S. Kimmel and S. Kolkowitz, “No-go bounds for quantum seals,” Physical Review A 100, 052326 (2019).

Book chapters:

  • S. Kolkowitz and J. Ye, “Precision Timekeeping: Optical Atomic Clocks,” in Handbook of Laser Technology & Applications, 2nd Ed., in press, C. Guo, Ed., CRC Press, London (2020). (Invited)

Prior publications:

For a list of Shimon’s publications from before he came to UW-Madison, please consult his C.V., which can be found here.