Strontium in its solid form.

Confocal microscopy of a diamond in an engagement ring.

Atomic-scale nitrogen vacancy defect centers in a diamond sample, imaged using confocal microscopy.

Facets of a diamond.

532 nm laser and optics for the Kolkowitz group confocal microscope.

Postdoc Dr. Xin Zheng, looking through the strontium clock science chamber.

594 nm laser and optics for the Kolkowitz group confocal microscope.

637 nm laser and optics for the Kolkowitz group confocal microscope.

Optics for a strontium magneto-optical-trap. These optics are part of the Kolkowitz group strontium optical clock.

What the world looks like to a strontium atom.

The Kolkowitz lab strontium clock UHV science chamber.

Latest Lab News

  • Kolkowitz lab awarded DOE Quantum Science grant!

    The Kolkowitz lab, along with several other collaborating quantum science researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, has been awarded a three year US Department of Energy (DOE) Materials …

  • Strontium science chamber ultra-high-vacuum bakeout completed!

    The science chamber for the strontium optical lattice clock high-temperature bakeout is now officially over, and we have achieved a vacuum of ~2e-12 Torr! We except this to give us background-gas-limited strontium atom lifetimes of …

  • Kolkowitz lab awarded UW2020 research grant!

    The Kolkowitz lab, along with the labs of Victor Brar (Physics), Jason Kawasaki (MS&E), and Zongfu Yu (ECE), has been awarded a WARF  UW2020 research grant to study quantum emitters in 2D materials! You can …

  • Wangping Ren accepts PhD offer from Oxford University!

    Congratulations to Kolkowitz lab undergraduate researcher Wangping, who was accepted a position in the Atomic and Laser Physics PhD program at Oxford University! Wangping, the transition to calling them “nitrogen-vacancy colour centres” will be tough, …

  • Our AOSense strontium source has arrived!

    Our AOSense strontium source, with integrated oven, Zeeman slower, and 2D MOT, arrived yesterday! (After a few months of delays…) We’ll test the 461 nm absorption of the atom beam in the coming days. We …

  • More News

Welcome to the Kolkowitz Lab! Our lab focuses on metrology, tests of fundamental physics, and nanoscale sensing using quantum systems.

In particular, we are building some of the most precise clocks in the world out of ultracold strontium atoms trapped in optical lattices. We are investigating ways to make these “optical lattice clocks” even more precise and accurate. We are also developing novel applications of these amazing instruments, including new tests of relativity, space-based gravitational wave detectors, and searches for dark matter and other physics beyond the Standard Model.

We are also researching new sensing techniques using single atom-scale defects trapped inside of diamonds. We are developing new protocols using spatial and temporal correlations between these defects to probe correlated dynamics in strongly interacting condensed matter systems. We are also investigating applications for new and under-explored defects in diamond and 2D materials.

The group wiki can be found here: The front page is accessible to everyone, but the content is only accessible to group members with an account.