Kolkowitz lab awarded NIST Precision Measurement Grant!

We are honored to have been awarded a Precision Measurement Grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to support our research on performing new tests of relativity in the lab with our strontium optical lattice clock.

Kolkowitz lab awarded DOE Quantum Science grant!

The Kolkowitz lab, along with several other collaborating quantum science researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, has been awarded a three year US Department of Energy (DOE) Materials and Chemistry Research in Quantum Information Science grant to study the origins of decoherence in solid-state quantum platforms. You can read a bit more about the project here.

Kolkowitz lab awarded UW2020 research grant!

The Kolkowitz lab, along with the labs of Victor Brar (Physics), Jason Kawasaki (MS&E), and Zongfu Yu (ECE), has been awarded a WARF  UW2020 research grant to study quantum emitters in 2D materials! You can read a bit more about the project here.

Figure: Confocal fluorescence microscopy image of defects in a monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide (MoSe2) encapsulated in protective layers of hexagonal boron-nitride (hBN).

Sam Li awarded Welton Sophomore Honors Summer Apprenticeship

Congrats to UW-Madison undergradaute Sam Li, who has been awarded a Welton Sophomore Honors Summer Apprenticeship to work with us in the Kolkowitz Lab this summer! Sam will be working with grad students Aedan and Matt on implementing spin-to-charge conversion in the NV center confocal microscope.

Matt Cambria (re)joins the group as a PhD student

Congrats to Matt Cambria, who has officially accepted the UW-Madison Physics PhD program’s offer of admission! Matt will be (re)joining the Kolkowitz group as a graduate student after working with us as a volunteer researcher this past year.

Megan and Aedan awarded NDSEG fellowships!

Congratulations to Megan and Aedan, who were both selected for the prestigious and selective National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship program!